Medical Device Companies, Here are 7 High-Converting Website Secrets

Kelly Springs-Kelley
November 20, 2020
Medical device companies should prioritize their website

Having a conversion-optimized website can offer tremendous benefits for medical device companies in driving awareness, adoption, and sales.

If you think digital marketing isn’t important for medical device companies, you are wrong. When appealing to the multisided market of medtech, having a strong digital presence is critical in getting buy-in from stakeholders, from the patient to the provider. 

The reality is that much of digital marketing revolves around a high-performing website. Your website is your digital storefront and is a rich tool in educating, informing, and driving interest. And it is that interest that can help spur discussion, create excitement, and help you demonstrate demand for your product.  

Below are 10 website tips that medical device companies should implement right away to start reaping rewards.

1. Identify the actions you want your website visitors to take.

You need rich, compelling content on your website, but you also need to provide website visitors with a path to conversion. Whether your goal is having a provider inquire about your technology or piquing the interest of a venture capital group, everyone in your audience must be nurtured to take the action you want them to take.

Consider each stakeholder that you will be driving to your website and map their path to conversion. Ensure that the visitor can clearly “see” their way to each conversion point, from filling out a form to requesting a meeting. Then guide them to take that action through copy, content, and opportunities like embedded forms or call-to-action buttons.

2.  Highlight your unique value proposition.

There is no doubt that your product solves an important medical problem or improves how healthcare is administered. Clearly selling what it is that makes your product worth talking about is vital. Especially in the case of a novel product where you might be entering new waters, communicating and demonstrating how this device is changing the industry is critical.

Whenever possible, include metrics that demonstrate your value proposition and the company’s impact. Numbers are one of the best ways to demonstrate value, so use your site as an opportunity to educate the public on how the world looks both with and without your innovation. But using measurement to show need and efficacy isn’t all. Highlighting this kind of data can not only support your concept but inspire the community to rally behind your work.

3. Use storytelling.

Whether you are speaking to a patient, provider, purchaser, or investor, we are all human. And, as such, stories are in our DNA. We are moved by them, sometimes emotionally and sometimes to action. If it’s compelling, don’t neglect to tell the company’s founding story or the story of how your team rallied together to solve a problem.

Your website is an opportunity to take the visitor on a journey, and in the process, align themselves to your vision. Rather than dictate the facts, use stories to show your audience why your company matters (and why you are worth investing in).

4. Incorporate the human element.

The majority of executives and entrepreneurs leading medical device companies do this work because they care deeply about the impact their products are having on people’s lives. It’s a benefit to showcase the human side of your work. Tell the stories of your team, and what gets them out of bed in the morning.

When it comes to brand tone, you want to show that you are an expert, but also that you are approachable. When discussing the benefits of the technology, make sure you talk about who this innovation will benefit, not just the technical side of how it benefits them. By tying your innovation to real patient outcomes (and using human-forward imagery), you are adding a level of emotion that will benefit your brand presence.

5. Create a sense of urgency.

If you want to drive conversion, you need to instill a sense of urgency in your audience. If there is no clear call to action coupled with a chance the individual will “miss out,” there may be little motivation for the person to convert.

Even if you are in the early product development stages, you might want to get people into your ecosystem so you can reach out to them at a later time. In that case, you may want to use an email list as your call to action. And in this case, because there is no immediate transaction, creating that urgency is even more important. To help drive this, please see tip number 6 below.

6. Provide your audience with valuable information.

Your content strategy is a critical component in a high-converting website. It benefits both your brand strategy as well as your lead generation strategy. By creating valuable content that furthers your subject matter authority, you gain increasing credibility. And that same valuable content attracts visitors and encourages them to convert, whether you are asking them to request a demo or add themselves to your email list to receive great content in their inbox.

The key issue here is that you should provide them with value. You need to create content that clearly demonstrates value to your visitors, not just wax poetic about topics that you think might be interesting. Use Google keyword planner to discover what people are searching, and ask your existing clients what they want to learn about. Use this kind of information gathering as a content ideation guide to ensure you are providing your audience with the insights they want and need.

7. Track your metrics and act on the stats.

Use Google Analytics or a similar platform to track visitor statistics. Drill down to determine which pages are leading visitors to your site, which ones are most popular, and how long visitors are engaged with your site. By identifying which topics, types of pages, types of content, and more are resonating, you will be able to make informed decisions related to future website structure and content. 

In Conclusion

Too often medical device companies put up a “business card” website and, for the most part, forget about it. And that leaves opportunity on the table.

By implementing some or all of these website conversion tips, your website can help you build your brand, industry authority, and your pipeline.

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