About Jaunt

We believe great companies are built by passionate resources.

We are dedicated to building up companies who affect individual lives.

A Passionate Team

Jaunt was built on the notion that by exploring all routes, we can better understand where to direct others. We are passionate about intelligence, products, investments, solving critical problems for clients, and we question everything in order to arrive at a solution that works. We believe data is critically important to drive decisions, and it is this coalescence of intelligence and experience that allows truly life-changing products to reach the market and have an impact on people’s lives.

Join Our Team

A far-reaching network of industry resources.

Jaunt is a small, agile team. We leverage our internal knowledge and expertise and combine that with a network of healthcare industry professionals in order to efficiently provide solutions for our clients.


Aaron Call

Aaron Call

Aaron has spent his entire career determining strategies for products. Having started in the trenches of engineering, evaluated hundreds of new markets for emerging technology investments and having developed and launched dozens of products, Aaron has experienced every bump on the road to product-market-fit. He has a passion for product strategies and how they influence business success.

Nick Talamantes

Nick Talamantes

Nick brings extensive industry experience in the market intelligence industry having previously worked for Informa’s Meddevicetracker as a market analyst covering cardiovascular and oncology devices. Nick oversees market intelligence operations at Jaunt and is passionate about producing intelligence that drives business decisions.