Jaunt Healthcare Leaders Network

Empowering Purpose Through Innovation

Knowledge Sharing is at our Core.

Our network advisors give medical device innovators insights that guide them in delivering life-changing therapies and technologies to patients. For these solutions to be successful, they must understand the needs and perspectives of an ecosystem of stakeholders. Jaunt HLN Advisors give them that direction and feedback.

“As a member of the Jaunt Healthcare Leadership Network, I provide critical insights and key learnings to innovators with the goal of helping their technologies come to life. The HLN community is something I am extremely proud of, both in terms of building my career and making a difference in people’s lives.”

– Certified Jaunt Healthcare Network Advisor

We are dedicated to building up companies that affect individual lives.

A Passionate Team

Jaunt was built on the notion that by exploring all routes, we can better understand where to direct others. We are passionate about intelligence, products, investments, solving critical problems for clients, and we question everything in order to arrive at a solution that works. We believe data is critically important to drive decisions, and it is this coalescence of intelligence and experience that allows truly life-changing products to reach the market and have an impact on people’s lives.

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