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Some of the work we do for clients to influence commercialization success include:

Market Opportunity Analysis

Secondary and primary market intelligence to inspire strategic decisions and confidence in the path ahead

Product Management

Closing the gap between engineering and the market by providing fundamental requirements for product development teams

Product-Market Fit

Evaluating the features and benefits medical products require to be adopted by healthcare professionals or patients

Product Roadmaps

Outlining the timing and direction of product development activities

Product Marketing

Aligning the communications and planning surrounding the core value your product brings to the market

Voice of Customer

Formalizing the voice of customer analysis to identify the value propositions customers are willing to pay for

“The intersection of market knowledge, product requirements and business model strategy that Jaunt brought to our team has been invaluable.”


Case Study: Determining market opportunities


Which Market?

A company with an industry changing technology and a wide range of potential applications approached Jaunt wondering which application was the best to address first and how to position the product to address it.


Market Analysis

Jaunt conducted secondary and primary research to develop a market opportunity analysis for each potential application, defining clearly the competitors, pricing, patient needs and clinical requirements for each one.


Align Product Features

Jaunt then worked with the client to integrate an appropriate and unique business model into their product that included a pricing model aligned to their target market.


Reach Commercialization

The client was able to clearly visualize the road ahead and moved their product towards commercialization.

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