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Due diligence expertise that informs investment decisions

Some of the work we do for our clients to promote investment success include:

Product Due Diligence

Creating formal product evaluations to determine appropriate product-market-fit

Market Due Diligence

Conducting market analysis for uncovering true potential opportunities and risks

Forecasting Due Diligence

Assessing immediately-addressable markets and market forecasting associated with a bottom-up consideration

“The market opportunity assessment that Jaunt performed for our group helped us to truly understand the investment we were committing to.”


Case Study: White space market valuation


Market Risks?

A small investment group was exploring a significant investment into a new technology for a relatively small, but growing market.


Market Forecasting

Jaunt performed a Market Opportunity Analysis that included secondary research from market leading databases and peer review articles in order to define the market opportunity.


Hidden Opportunities

Jaunt recognized key gaps in the analysis that would be required to adequately assess the opportunity. Primary research with physicians was conducted to fully understand the gaps and risks that existed.


Investment Confidence

The market opportunity analysis brought a new perspective to the investment group regarding the opportunity and allowed them to move forward with eyes-wide-open about the direction the new technology should move towards.

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