Remapping the Future for Telehealth Company Using Actionable Insights

Telehealth company

Insight-Led Brand Growth

Remapping the Future for Telehealth Company Using Actionable Insights

A telehealth platform was occupying a crowded space. The brand’s direction needed to be strategically defined, but only with the foresight of market opportunity insight.

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The Challenge

For almost a decade, this telehealth company delivered a virtual care platform to providers and enterprise institutions that boosts efficiencies and improves patient access and overall experience. But the competitive landscape – and the company’s place in it – was not clear.

The company had to map and articulate its value proposition, target audience, and growth strategy. They needed to understand the market landscape so they could set a viable and scalable direction.

The Jaunt Approach

Jaunt prepared an in-depth market intelligence report that included triangulated data from various sources, as well as primary research with multiple stakeholders.

Jaunt gave the telehealth team objective evidence and a competitive landscape report along with the expert analysis they needed. Jaunt advised them of two options – try to swim in a sea of similar solutions or adjust their strategy to differentiate themselves.

A Clear Opportunity

The company decided to invest in its enterprise capabilities, which allowed them to both scale and differentiate. Jaunt took the insights that had been uncovered in the intelligence report and repackaged the data in a tactical capacity, building “battle cards” to aid the sales team in demonstrating brand value and boosting sales.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

The strategic shift has paid dividends. By tuning in to the needs of enterprise accounts, the company is able to scale and meet the needs of all of its clients.

Through a robust partnership rooted in Jaunt’s go-to-market expertise and brand-specific market intelligence, Jaunt helped the company make a shift that clearly defined them from other players in the market. And in supplying the sales team with actionable resources, they have been able to seamlessly iterate their value proposition related to the competition.

“Jaunt provided us with the targeted analysis that we needed to set the optimal strategic direction for our company – one that has paid off in dividends. Their expertise and vast network make them the ideal partner for any company in the MedTech space.”


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