Supercharging Sales, Growth, and Capital Funding for a Novel Product

Building Up
to Breakthrough

Supercharging Product Strategy
and Capital Funding for a Novel Product

This medical startup developed a new material with the potential to reshape clinical outcomes for multiple vascular products. They needed a strategic partner that could accelerate its trajectory toward increasing immediate sales and securing capital investment.

Jaunt applied key learnings from dozens of product commercialization projects, as well as insight related to navigating the COVID-19 environment, to elevate the company’s strategy.

Key Services Delivered

Market Opportunity Analysis

Strategic Roadmapping

Pricing and Forecasting

Determining Enterprise Value

Voice of Customer


The Challenge

The company needed to expand sales, develop a short-, near-, and long-term product strategy, and articulate their story to potential investors.

Working with a lean internal team, the company required significant horsepower related to product strategy and execution – immediately. The company existed in a complex market with many stakeholders, and due to the novel nature of the product, readily-available market intelligence was non-existent.

The Jaunt Approach

Jaunt was able to immediately fill a gap within the company’s team, acting as the marketing and product management arm of the company. We focused on our role as a plug-and-play partner, leveraging our vast network of experts who were pulled in at critical stages, from commercialization to marketing and sales.

When it came time for capital funding, Jaunt supported the company to guide their product value calculation and to successfully demonstrate market opportunity and ROI to investors.

The COVID-19 Hurdle

The COVID-19 pandemic added an extra layer of complexity – traditional marketing was no longer effective.

Jaunt worked with the company to develop a brand new, intelligence-led sales and marketing strategy that was rooted in an out-of-the-box approach.


Results, ROI and Future Plans

The company shifted its strategic approach and has greater confidence that they are headed in the right direction, stemming from a cohesive strategic vision.

Jaunt ensured that the company was able to formulate this vision for each audience, including investors, ultimately leading to the company securing multimillion-dollar funding.

“The intersection of market knowledge, product requirements and business model strategy that Jaunt brought to our team has been invaluable.”


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