Data that Drives Decisions

We’re extremely happy with the market opportunity analysis Jaunt has done for us…we were able to validate our value proposition and to inform our business models. Our new market strategy, and the data to support it, have been overwhelmingly well received by investors.
– Jeff Leadbetter
CEO, Daxsonics

With extensive experience in conducting market opportunity analyses across virtually every vertical within MedTech, we have honed a process that consistently delivers the actionable insights essential for informed strategic, commercial, and investment decisions. Our approach centers on eight critical criteria, specifically designed to uncover pivotal insights for guiding key strategy, investment, and commercialization decisions in new markets.

All research conducted at Jaunt is deemed ‘Certified Intelligence,’ ensuring the data and analytics provided are rigorously verified and validated through an industry-leading, multi-variable process. This guarantee means you receive only the highest quality insights to drive your strategic decisions.

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