Expand Your Influence. Accelerate Innovation.

As a member of the Jaunt Healthcare Leaders Network, you will serve as a Clinical Advisor for a multitude of up-and-coming medical technology companies, positioning yourself as a key opinion leader in the healthcare industry.

Connecting Healthcare Leaders with MedTech’s Most Promising Innovators

The Jaunt Healthcare Leaders Network (HLN) acts as an independent clinical advisory committee to connect rising stars in the healthcare community with medical technology executives to shape future products.

“As a member of the Jaunt HLN, I am able to provide critical insights to innovators that help their technologies come to life. The Jaunt HLN also helps me expand my sphere of influence and make a difference in my field.”

– Certified Jaunt Healthcare Network Advisor

Jaunt Healthcare Leaders Network Benefits


Be a Key Opinion Leader

Grow your presence in the healthcare industry as a formative and influential voice.


Influence the Future of Medicine

Shape the way medical technology developers innovate life-changing products.


Improve Patient Lives and Outcomes

Represent the patients’ interest by ensuring you have the medical technology to serve their needs.


Boost Your Visibility

Work with Jaunt marketing experts to expand your presence in your field.

If you are interested in joining the Jaunt Healthcare Leaders Network, contact us below. A member of our assessment team will be in touch.

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