Jaunt Certified Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence. Informed Decisions.

Jaunt Certified Intelligence Provides Peace of Mind for MedTech Executives and Investors Alike

Executives and Entrepreneurs

Jaunt Certified Intelligence is the trusted diligence that MedTech executives need to portray a credible vision of their market opportunity.

Investing in Jaunt Certified Intelligence provides executives with the objective evidence necessary to proceed with confidence.

Investors and Venture Capital

MedTech investors have more confidence knowing that a comprehensive and credible due diligence process has taken place when the data is backed by Jaunt Certified Intelligence.

Jaunt Certified Intelligence saves investors time and money related to verifying data and associated market assumptions when reviewing a potential investment.

Our Certification Process: Data Triangulation

Commercialization Analysis

Each conclusion is informed by a minimum of 3 data points to create the most reliable models.

Data Diversity

Data points used to certify the intelligence come from various sources and do not rely solely on one category.

Primary Research

Interviews with key stakeholders, such as patients and providers, is fundamental in validating assumptions.

Case Study: Jaunt Certified Intelligence Clears Path to Investment


Unreliable Assumptions

A venture capital group was exploring a significant investment into a new technology for a relatively small, but growing market. The target company had done due diligence, but they relied on general market numbers from a single source.


Data Triangulation

The target company’s executives hired Jaunt to dig deeper into the market data and confirm their models through a variety of additional industry sources. Jaunt then conducted primary interviews to help substantiate the data in a real-world setting.


Certified Intelligence

After applying all the necessary diligence and formulation, Jaunt pinpointed and clarify the market opportunity. Due to the rigorous analysis and detailed intelligence, Jaunt was able to certify the accuracy of the company’s market data.


Investment Confidence

Jaunt Certified Intelligence gave the venture capital group the assurance they needed to greenlight the investment, allowing them to move forward with eyes-wide-open related to the product’s position in the market and projected ROI.

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