Leveraging Network Reach and Expertise to Guide Investment Decisions

Plotting the Course

Leveraging Network Reach and Expertise to Guide Investment Decisions

This high-valuation ENT device company had a technology with the potential to impact four separate markets. They needed a data-driven, expert analysis to determine their investment strategy and which market or markets to prioritize.

Key Services Delivered

Market Opportunity Analysis

Strategic Roadmapping

Pricing and Forecasting

Competitive Landscape


The Challenge

The company was in a great position. They had four viable directions in which to take their technology. They had a well-rounded executive team who was primed to bring their product to market. And that team knew that entering all four markets at once was not the right approach.

The company needed an objective point of view from a credible expert who could combine comprehensive market intelligence with professional experience. The goal was to determine a course of action related to resource allocation and market prioritization. And time was of the essence.

The Jaunt Approach

Jaunt built a comprehensive market intelligence report to objectively determine which market to prioritize and exactly how large that opportunity would be.  Our accelerated secondary research databases provided foresight into multiple markets.

We then gathered core intelligence including assumed sales prices, reimbursement opportunities, market size, growth, and target audience need. We identified the competition, who they were, why they are winning or losing, and determined how the brand could succeed in that environment.

The Network Advantage

Jaunt has spent years cultivating a vast network of expert partners who specialize in a vast array of medical disciplines. We leveraged that team and were able to quickly identify and verify opportunities in several markets.

As a result, we developed outputs that triangulated and pinpointed the unique value that each market brought to our client.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Our client received the intelligence and analysis they needed in the timeframe they had budgeted. They were then able to develop a clear launch strategy for the device. They also had a story that spoke to key opinion leaders and investors.

Rather than dissecting a generic market report, Jaunt provided the company with data and analysis that was concise, informative, and immediately useful. The client saved time and received the third-party objectivity that they needed to make a smart and lucrative business decision.

“Jaunt provided us with the targeted analysis that we needed to set the optimal strategic direction for our company – one that has paid off in dividends. Their expertise and vast network make them the ideal partner for any company in the MedTech space.”


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